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Things I Have Consumed, or want to

Currywurst unt eine bier
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Things I have consumed:
Currywurst - seen here. It really is just that. Almost everzthing comes with pommes frites, and those are often served with mayo.

Königspilsener bier: Pretty good.

Schnitzel: Its just breaded and fried meat.

Doppel keks: double cookies with chocolate in the middle.

Chips with paprika: this is the default seasoning on chips. It's powerfully similar to bbq chips.

Spaghettieis: 'spaghetti ice cream' which is ice cream extruded through a pasta maker over some whipped cream. Usually served with strawberry, which is how I had it.

Weckmann: A cookie unique to the St. Marten's festival - its shaped like a little man, holding a clay pipe to his chest. Why? No one knows.

Glühweinbonbon: Mulled wine candies. Honestly, they don't taste anything like mulled wine. But the lady who sold them to me gave me a lot of attitude for not speaking German.

Knöterichbonbon: 'Little weird round herbal cookies with a cross on them' is exactly how Catriona describes them. I can't do better.

Kirschwasser: Cherry liquor. Technically this is waiting for me to taste, but its academic.

Mett: A sort of meat spread. I had it on bread with some camembert cheese. I'm told this is sort of adorably heretical, as having it with cheese is just weird.

Federweissen: 'Featherwhite' which is a sort of raw, unfinished white wine that is very seasonal. It's still fermenting in the bottle, so it's impossible to export, as the bottle has to remain open or explode. It's light, sweet, and a murky white color.

4x2 Extra Grote Stroopwaffel: No idea what it is, but man, you gotta get your extra grote somehow!

Quark mit Dominosteine: quark is extra-thick yoghurt. Dominosteine are little christmas cookies that have some sort of cookie base, with marzipan and chocolate and some sort of jelly. They're a Christmas treat. 'Treat' is used very liberally here. Also, apparently everything gets yoghurt on it. Plain, unflavored, yoghurt. I dunno, it's a German thing.

Tiramisu: It's not like you're used to - this one is made with amaretto and quark, rather than rum and whipped cream. Again with the quark! Quark is not available in the U.S. This is a good thing.

Things I hope to consume:

Döner: A lot like a gyro. They're all over the place, the to-go sandwich of choice. Fast food döner are sometimes called 'McDöner' because 'Mc' indicates it's fast and crappy.

Bretzel: A pretzel. A very common snack, similar to one's available in my home town, Philadelphia.

Rumkügel: which is a liquor made ...err, to imitate a christmas cookie. Again with the cookies! (yay rum!)

I also hope to identify and consume some sort of excellent bier (research is in progress, experts have been consulted) and maybe some eiswein, which is a dessert wine.

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