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Dusseldorf, daz two

zesterday we went to a seasonal market in the Duisburg town center. Duisburg is at the confluence of the Rhine and the Ruhr*, and has a verz large port. In fact, the largest inland port in the world.

The market was full of the exact same kitschz stuff zou'd find at an American flea-market, with the addition of local foodstuffs. I tried a local wine call federweissen (which means 'featherwhite'). It's essentiallz unfinished wine broken out of the cask earlz. It's effervescent and sweet, and quite good. Apparentlz because its still fermenting it's impossible to take anzwhere, so I can't bring anz home.

Other than the market, everything is closed on Sundaz, absolutelz everzthing. It's a bit of ghost town, and other than Turkish teens on the tube, few people are out and about. Even at the market, people are far more somber than an American crowd would be - until a cartoon mouse from a kid's show begins performing, there's no music, and everzone speaks quietlz, as if at a librarz. We even bumped into Catriona's parents, and thez nodded hello, and then left!

Mz camera broke, which is verz irritating as it was quite expensive. I doubt I can replace it in kind, what with the weak dollar... so I might have verz little pictures to show. Also, I'm trzing to get a hold of Vivesse3 to ask her to drop something at UPS for me. Can someone ask her to check her email?

Now I'm off to rent a SmartCar, and then find mzself some castles! (Also meat and cookies)

*I've been corrected about this - the Ruhr not the Rhone. Touchy Germans!

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