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7 Interests

Comment on this post and I will pick seven of your interests. You then explain them in your journal and re-post.
Taken from passingfancy, who picked these seven interests of mine:

1. Alchemy:
In writing a book, I included quite a bit about alchemists - they practiced "the art" while chirurgeons and doctors practiced "the science". It was a key theme in the story, and so I did quite a bit of research about real-world alchemy. Also, I know a certain alchemist of whom I'm rather fond.

2. Caramel:
So much better than chocolate! Absolutely the best on a sundae. I've rarely met a caramel I didn't like.

3. Maurice Sendak:
There's a museum in Phily that displays Sendak's original works from "Where the Wild Things Are", as well as others. His artwork is detailed, vibrant, and fascinatingly weird. His Eastern European immigrant roots are also clearly, and fascinatingly, explored in his work. Many of the Wild Things are actually caricatures of his relatives.

4. Petrichor
The smell of rain on dry ground. One of the things I miss most about the East Coast is that lovely scent after rain.

5. The Cranky Cocktail
yagathai's short-lived cocktail column. Occasinally too crusty by half, but always full of interesting cocktail recipes. He actually asked people to list it as an interest. Anyone that pathetic, I figure I can tive a little help too.

6. Peace
I've often volunteered for Amnesty International, campaigned for peace and nuclear disarmament, and advocated (as much as a simple citizen can) peaceful solutions to world problems. I even got (in High School) the International Women's Society's Award for Peace and Freedom, becuase of some stuff our Amnesty chapter did, even in the face of opposition from the exceedingly conservative district I grew up in. Although I'm a veteran, and not a complete pacifist, I still think war is only a last resort against aggression, and not a tool of foreign policy.

7. Monkeys:
The number one comedy animal! Particularly when dressed up like Napoleon! Want scientific proof that monkeys are funny? Close your eyes and imagine something truly sorrowful and tragic. Got it? Ok, now imagine monkeys doing that. See? Monkeys are funny!

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