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Tinman for President

This morning driving in, I was wondering what it was about the Current Occupant who just irks me so much I grit my teeth whenever I see him, hear him or read about him. In some ways I should be grateful - he's become the new face of conservativism, and I think that should pretty much put an end to anyone trying to make a cogent argument for conservativism.

"Yes, but the Invisible Hand of the..."
::conservative hangs head in shame.::

But it finally crystallized for me, why he's such a disaster.

He tries to rule with his heart, and not his head. This is singularly difficult for a man who has no heart.

He is certainly not an intellectual; even his most generous apologists note that he is incurious and inclined to make decisions based on his own values and sentiments rather than reason. But if you're going to "go with your gut" on everything, it's particularly troubling when said gut inevitably points towards bellicosity and avarice. Tinman for President! If only he had a heart...

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