Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash: Pick Two (aghrivaine) wrote,
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I were making my way to plunderin' waters from me secret lair in Tortuga-on-Venice - a fair wind running two points abaft the beam, a true bowline, which is the Adventure Galley's favorite point o' sailin'; when I recalled it were a special day. Not just talk like a pirate day - because of course, in yer heart of hearts matey, ain't every day talk like a pirate day? No, not just that, but also the birthday of my particular friend and critter, the cat. No, not that cat - Mr. Bosun kindly stand down! I mean the actual cat, a four legged creature that joined up with me salty crew on this particular day way back in '98, when was holed up in the ports o' Philadelphia. A fresh creature she were then, and a prime hand she's become o'er the years. No, she ain't learned nothin' 'bout how to reef, hand, nor steer. Nought does she know about exercisin' the guns, nor is she even slightly useful in a boarding. Can't navigate, useless as a cook, steward or purser. Wouldn't catch 'er dead up in the top royal yards when it comes on to blow - and ne'er a shyer creature did you meet when it come to chase, flight, fight or duty. But sure she is decorative! So happy birthday, creature - and many more!

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