Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash: Pick Two (aghrivaine) wrote,
Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash: Pick Two

Surfing, Knot-Tying

Saturday was the official day of no-stress hanging out. nephandi came over just before high-tide. We suited up and headed out. After a few brief instructions - and really, I've got to stop trying to teach people to surf as I'm such an unskilled flat myself - we headed out in dead flat waves. It was, however, a beautiful sunny day and the water was as warm as the Pacific ever gets. First wave that hit us, the leash on The Ladies' Man (the 10' black surfboard nephandi was using) snapped. What to do? I tied a quick knot but the rubber slid right through - and it was then that nephandi's several levels of "use rope" - dimly remembered from his boy-scouting past, became extraordinarily useful. He whipped up a quick double-clover-half-hitch-triple-cloven-splice-knuckle-braced-square-anchor-bent-bowline-overhand-noose knot. Most impressive knot tying. A hobbyist, apparently.

Anyway, the surfing was mediocre, until the tide brought in a gigantic bed of seaweed. It was just plain gross to swim out through it, and something of a pain since the seaweed would hang in vast fluttering banners from the leash-line. It occurred to me that even if I did manage to paddle out past the seaweed, the waves would just wash me right back into it. Gross. We packed it in, had some dinner at a charmingly weird Swiss biergarten right on the waterfront, and proceeded to watch most of two seasons of "Avatar: The Last Airbender". Now that was a day of no stress, let me tell you.

Tonight, the Eagles are on Monday Night Football, and so it is obligatory that I be home to watch it (high def, surround sound, of course) with copious amounts of beer and unhealthy food. By good fortune the autumn has arrived, and pumpkin ale is again available at local vendors of wine, beer, and spirits. I believe the itinerary is set: guests are welcome.

(edit to add - what amounts to plot spoilers about Avatar are in the comments. You have been warned.)
Tags: surfing

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