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Surving Versailles

It's 4:30AM and I wake from an unhappy dream. I stare at the cieling for a while, thinking about the dream. Then I wake from THAT dream, because I had just been dreaming about waking up from dreaming and thinking about the dream. I never do quite manage to get back to sleep before it's 6AM, and I'm taking one of the directors from the new company surfing. Before the sun even rises, before it's even technically first light, we're in the water. Two people were actually out before us!

I'm floating on my longboard in the Pacific. I turn to catch a wave, get on it. Too short a ride, and I dump off in knee-high water. I stand up, and there's the sun rising over the entire continent. The water is warm. Pelicans and the season's first cormorants are diving into the Pacific. The new coworker is having a grand old time diving into the white water, splashing back out He's always wanted to go surfing, and took this chance during his trip from Dallas to get it in. The surf was flat, but that's fine for a first-timer; and it's harder work than he'd thought. It is, too - my arms ache from paddling out then in and out again. But the sunrise is glorious.

My mind is on the far side of the world, the sun chased me from there, carrying a message.

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