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Good Morning to me

I had to be in at work at 5:30 AM today. I parked on Pacific, because you can park there if you're leaving by 8AM. Getting up and Oh-dark-thirty again was no fun, but at least when I walked outside, the cold morning air in the dark was very reminiscent of every morning in Ft. Knox. I was thinking it was actually kind of nice -- until I got to the street.

My car was booted. Unpaid parking tickets. The meter maids in Venice are ruthless, evil, and feed on human misery. The parking situation here is intolerable at best, and ridiculous on a normal day, the maze of where you can park, when you can park there, and what day you have to be gone by ten, or eight, or seven, is confusing. Yes, I have parking tickets. They also skyrocket in price (it turns out) if you don't pay them promptly...a fifty dollar ticket turns into three hundred!

So, I can't get to work to do the urgent maintenance, I can't get to the parking ticket place to pay them off before they tow my car, becaues the place doesn't open until 9AM, and once it's towed, I have to have my registration renewed before I can get it back. And you can't get your registration renewed unless your car has been smog checked, and of course, mine hasn't. So, it sort of seems like the city of Los Angeles now owns my car.

Whatever the case, remember that bit about being totally debt free? Well, the downside of that is I didn't have a lot of savings. So now I don't have enough money to get my car back until my next pay-day, and THEN it's a half paycheck, because of our new company owners' payroll policies.

And I'm out of coffee, too.

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