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Bacon Brittle

I came home last night to find a box on the front door, and I wasn't expecting anything to be delivered. What could it be?
It was from some place called "The Grateful Palate" which sounded familiar. What was it? Mysteries abound!
In side, a nice note from misskitty14 and a belated birthday present of... BACON BRITTLE.

Those are not two words I had expected to see together, quite frankly. And yet, if the first and only commandment of the Cult of Bacon is true (Everything is better with bacon) then surely brittle with bacon is better than brittle without bacon, no? And are not baked beans with brown sugar and bacon sort of sweet, and yet simmering, savory perfection?

The bacon brittle remains unopened on my dining room table. I'm afraid of it. It's like the Ark of the Covenant. What if I open it, and it's just empty - or worse, it's so good my face melts off? It is a potent challenge to the faith of the Cult of the Bacon - the Dead Sea Scrolls of Baconarianism. Schroedinger's Brittle, where it is both delicious and not delicious.

Well anyway, if they find me melted down into a puddle - you'll know what happened.

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