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Odd to see one's company on the front page; I expect I'll start to get a tidal wave of recruiters calling any minute.

We're all on tenterhooks here, but there weren't any bear traps in my cube this morning, which is a good sign. This is remarkably different than my experience of the Wii edition of Resident Evil 4, by the way - in which it is revealed that the ultimate evil opponents aren't actually zombies, they're just particularly ill-tempered Spaniards. Actually, they may not be particularly ill-tempered at all, maybe in the Resident Evil-verse, these Spaniards are actually rather cordial. At any case, they make a habit of attacking me with whatever weapon they have handy, and leaving bear-traps all over the place. I've been to Dallas and they're a shade more civil there, so chances are the people at Blockbuster would be a little more welcoming. Perhaps just small game traps, and half-heartedly flung office supplies.

The mood around here is one of tense expectation; not unlike how one feels while exploring a Spanish village in RE4 - around any corner there could be a Spaniard/layoffs. But perhaps all will work out for the best. One thing is for sure, I don't want to move to Dallas if that's what the offer is. I'd rather live in Cambodia (or a Spanish village) than Dallas.

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