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Thumbelina on the news

KNBC, the local NBC affiliate came out and filmed our production for the news. Here's the video - if you want to get a look at Thumbelina in action. I'm even on the news for about... two seconds! (Look for the guy in the crown.)

KNBC's report on Thumbelina

Two performances yesterday, and despite one of the actors passing out in the dressing room - the shows went off creditably. One more matinee today. So far attendance has been brisk, particularly the matinee, which was almost sold out. After the show we're supposed to go out and talk to kids "in character" but frankly they all find the king sort of scary. No one I actually know has yet come to see the show (a bit of a bummer) so I end up feeling a bit superfluous. Uneasy lies the head, and all that!

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