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Opening Night

Sometime just before we walked out for the prologue - a big, crazy musical number in which the cast introduce themselves - my nerves settled. It reminded me of taking an Aikido test; I'd be a shuddering case of nerves until my feet hit the mat, and then that all goes away and you just focus on what has to be done. So it was with some composure that I entered - in fact the first lines sung by anyone in the play while on-stage are done by me and the Queen, so hitting that note is pretty important, it sets the literal and figurative tone for the rest of the show. It's a weird minor key note, too - so not terribly easy for someone as inexperienced as me. Anyway, I got it, it went off okay, and we were into the show.

There were minor slip-ups; a late entrance here and there, a jumped or missed cue, the odd pause while someone rushed out onto stage. But for the most part it went well. Impressive, considering this was the first time ever we'd actually gone through it without interruptions, and without actaully changing anything.

There are two parts that make me sweat. First is a lengthy monologue (the longest in the play, in fact, according to Final Draft) which sets up some of the plot (and is the reason my character is named "King Exposition"). It's long and rambly, and while I can recite it word for word off stage, for some reason I always blank or get it mixed up when I'm on stage. The other part that makes my stomach lurch is my song; a duet and dance number with the queen. It's a spritely, funny little number, but it's also a little complicated - AND we only got the song last Friday! I've been as jumpy as a long tailed cat in an ass kicking contest all week about it. Again some tricky minor key stuff, and it slides up and down across my entire singing range, sometimes within one line or even word! But I got out there, I did it, and it was okay. It wasn't a knock-it-out-of-the-park homerun, but it was creditable.

Also the first time in my life I've ever stood up in front of a crowd of strangers who'd paid to attend, and sang a song by myself, and not just as part of a chorus.

After that scene was over, and it's quite early in the play - I walked off relieved. The rest was a cake walk. So there it was, opening night. Apparently there was a lengthy piece on the 5:00 NBC news about us, too!

Remember, buy your tickets ahead of time! ( ) or call (310) 434-3000

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