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Harry Potter Midnight Madness

I'll be waiting out, like the other loons, at midnight for book 7 - even though I already have an electronic copy. I successfully refrained from reading it by re-reading book 6, which turned out to be a good idea. Lots of little details I'd forgotten!

Anyway, if you too are interested in joining the loons, call Barnes & Noble on the Santa Monica promenade, and reserve a copy. Then, at 6:00pm show up to get a numbered bracelet. If there aren't enough copies to go around (and in LA, if anything is remotely interesting, WAY too many people show up, so it's sure to sell out...) they'll call numbers by bracelets - gold bracelets for people who reserved a copy, and blue for those who didn't. At 11:30 they'll have a raffle and let people in - at midnight the sales begin. I'll be there - Barnes and Noble on the Santa Monica Promenade.

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