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Crotch, feet

I have had a hell of a day. It started with hellacious traffic, then more hellacious traffic to a doctor's office - where a large black man operated on my crotch with a scalpel, and then a laser. Repeat, this morning - someone used a laser on my groin.

Then more hellacious traffic - and then even more hellacious traffic, to another doctor's office where I had my feet x-rayed, folded, spindled and mutliated. Then taped up. I have hairy feet. This won't be much fun coming off. What's worse - I have to do it three times a week for three weeks, and in the mean time, I can't surf or swim. It is 80% likely to be temporarily effective - if it doesn't work, it's surgery with a subsequent period of immobility. It's better than straight to surgery, though. And it turns out it's definitely plantar fasciitis.

To top it off my replacement cell phone did not arrive today, and upon calling to find out about it - the company closed the order, charged me, but did not bother sending the phone out.

It could be a lot worse, but ... I've certainly had better days. Certainly none that involved anyone using a laser on my crotch. Oh the indignity.

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