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An Auspicious Day

First of the House of Anthony, Robert of the Poteetes, known also as Bob was born amidst falling stars and mighty portents 25 Years Ago Today. His journey across the wide realms included work amongst the Wise at the Great University in the City of Brother Love; Philadelphia. There also he perfected the gentle art of open-handed dismemberment, and was an astonishment and terror unto his foes. Crossing the broad continent, he entered into a study of the Laws of Men in the City of Angels, thereupon earning the right to challenge and defeat the Bar; which he did though many attempt it and are overthrown. Betimes he is paid to research the mysterious and unknown, to devle deep with investigations into matters private; amongst his peers he is thus known sometimes as Bayushi Bob. During his time as a white-suited ward-boss in the New City of the Bourbon monarchs, Orleans, he was also known as "Big Daddy Poteete" to his subjects and supplicants.

Let it never be forgot. Today - all your Bob are belong to us. Set us up the Bob. Happy Birthday.

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