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Zombies in Venice?

This morning I figured if I could stare balefully at a computer screen at home, I could do it at work. I took my eye gunk medicine, and headed out. Walking down the alley in Speedway, I glanced over at a scuffle going on. This is not unusual - while the vagrant population in Venice is mostly harmless if highly colorful, from time to time the peace is disrupted.

Two of the local denizens were hunched over something and sort of ...yanking it between them. For just a mad second, I thought it was a human arm they were gnawing on! I made my mental checklist - Zombie Appocalypose preparedness kit in the car - check! I'm closer to the car than home, and home wouldn't be terribly secure anyway - so head for the car. Where do I go from there? CRAP - I haven't thought this through nearly enough. I am, however, wearing an eyepatch. This is apropos of nothing in particular, but I figure - come the Zombie Appocalypse, I'm much more clearly a central character if I have some distinguishing mark like an eyepatch. But wait...what if this isn't pinkeye at all? What if it's the first stage of the Walking Dead Plague? Of course, by that time, I'd gotten to the car anyway. There were no other shambling hordes of the hungry dead, and in fact - quite a few people walking around as if nothing at all were out of the ordinary.

Ok, ok. I just went to work. But watch out zombies of Venice - i've got my eye on you!

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