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I am a pirate

Monday, I woke up with a red and irritated eye. I figured this was because I'd slept with my contacts in, which I can usually do for days on end without it being an issue, but for some reason, from time to time it bugs me. I took the contacts out and went to work. By lunch time my eye was constantly weeping, and coworkers were visibly wincing every time I walked by. Going out in the bright light of day was agonizing, I felt like Gollum. The yellow face, it burnsss usss!

I made an emergency appointment at the doctor's office, where I was told "Huh, conjunctivitis. Both eyes, too, that's unusual." I picked up my prescriptions and barely made it home. It was still getting worse - nerd night was tough, because I was constantly covering my eye with a moist paper towel. It really felt like it was going to burst. daogre assured me that if it did, he would projectile vomit. Almost worth it...

Today I had to work from home where I can keep all the blinds closed and keep out the horrible horrible light. Even so it's very painful. I hit on a solution.

Yes, I'm wearing my eyepatch. I am a pirate. It helps though, and my eye, while still very irritated and as red as June roses, doesn't quite feel like it's going to pop like a pimple anymore. Now the question remains - if I do work at the office tomorrow... do I bring the eyepatch?

Dang, a one pink-eyed nerd-pirate. So sexy. Ladies, please form an orderly queue to the left, and I'll share my incredibly infectious, noxious eye disease with you!

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