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Yard Birds

Yesterday, amidst a flurry of other things - the neighborinos had a yard sale. They advetised on Craig's List, and meant to start at 9AM. However, none of us dragged ourselves into action until about 10:30 or so. This is, by the way, the third yard sale we've had in as many months - basically, if you want to buy some second-hand stuff, stop by my place on the weekends, there's a one in four chance you'll get lucky.

It was sort of a gloomy day, and at first people were just hauling the rafts of crap and bric-a-brac that accumulates inevitably in our consumerist society. But as people start chatting amongst each other, I could see people think, "OH! I thought of something to sell!" and scurry back in to get it and bring it out. Soon enough there was an entire home's worth of stuff on the front porch and walkway - couches, tables, grills, clothing, lamps, Homestar Runner figurines, cd's, books, desks - you name it. I left for brunch and came back - and it's still going strong. Next thing you know, we've got half the building out front - there are burgers on the grill, beers being passed out - a variety of Venice drifters trying (unsuccessfully) to pretend they live there to cadge free beers and food - and a variety of shoppers, most of them brutal hagglers, like some sort of Arab horse-market.

I went off to see a movie - and when I came back, it was still going on, though this time with a host of obviously wrecked folks who wandered past on their way home from the drum circle and decided it must be a party or something. I live in such a quirky building, man. But I did unload some stuff and now have even more room at home. That's always good - in a way I miss the simple emptiness it had when all I had moved in was my bed.

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