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LJ Censorship

I'm as annoyed by the abridgement of Free Speech on livejournal as I was by the censorship over at Ran's Board.

Unfortunately, it's much less easy to extricate myself here (with four years worth of posts!) than it was from there. In general, let me say that the price we pay for truly free speech is that people will say things we deem offensive and even immoral and wrong. Still, how can we apply any metric to decide what is and isn't acceptable? There's no clear cut answer - and so the only reasonable answer is, to my mind - no restrictions at all. Yes, this means people will say things I don't like, and that would offend me to my core, or freak me out. Heck, slash fic freaks me out, anyway! But it shouldn't be restricted, as the legitimate question arises - by who's standards shall we censor?

Still, LJ's response to the situation has been fairly reasonable, and I can only hope they'll recant their more odious stance on censorship in general. It's a mistake, and leads to more harm than it prevents. If they make a practice of banning speech that they don't like (as opposed to that which is outright illegal, like incitement) then I'll have to think about moving to some other server.

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