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Like, famous and stuff!

Me and Adam "The Squitz" Moskowitz were on Fox News last night. They sent a crew around to the opening night celebration of Pirates III at El Capitan. As we're a coupla chatty bastards, we were more than happy to talk to them.

I haven't seen it yet (and am looking for someone with a copy of the show to put it up on youtube..) but apparently the bit that they used went something like this:

Interviewer: So who's your favorite character?
Skwitz: I'll go with Captain Jack Sparrow.
Me: I'll say Davy Jones.
Interviewer: No love for Barbossa?
Me: Well sure, he's great - but he's a bad guy and you can't give up too much to the bad guys, gives 'em ideas.
Skwitz: Really, it's all about the monkey. He's the best.
Me: Oh, he's totally right! It's all about the monkey!

And there you have it folks - the greater Los Angeles area (and possibly the nation) hearing me opining about bad guys, monkeys, and pirates.

I totally win at life.

Edited to add: The movie is deucedly confusing - but on the other hand, it's 100% kraken-free, and has a plethora of pirates. So of that, I wholeheartedly approve.

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