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Free Breakfast

I got up earlier than I expected this morning, and even after dithering watching the news, had time to spare. I stopped at Urth Caffe (sic) on my way to work to sip some coffee and read "System of the World" before heading in. As I'd just had their unbelievable bread pudding breakfast the other day on my way out for the weekend - I decided on the Norwegian Smoked Salmon Plate.

It took longer to arrive than I expected, but when it did, there was an inexplicable sausage link on a separate side plate. Sausage? I hadn't ordered sausage! Mystery sausage! I took a bite. What else does one do with mystery sausage?

A moment later, the waiter came back, and explained in poor English, "I think this isn't yours." (points to Mystery Sausage). I said, "I didn't know what it was, so I took a bite."

He started to take it. What was he going to do, give it to someone with a bite missing? He realized how silly that was, and just shrugged. With an embarassed smile he put it back on the table, and waved his hands, like waving off a plane on a bad landing approach. "Don't worry." He walked off.

Moral of the story: If something mysterious turns up on your plate, put it in your mouth as fast as you can!

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