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This picture makes me worry. I think those soldiers are from the 10th Mountain Division - I didn't realize they were in Iraq. That they've sent alpinists there is troubling. Even more - they'r clearly in a secure area as they've taken off helmets and LBE; no flak vests.

But look at their uniforms. They're filthy - they've been out on patrol for a long time. The dirt is so caked on that the soldier on the left has his trouser-bottoms unbloused, and the wrinkles are stiff with dirt. It takes a long time to get that dirty - in an urban patrol are, they're working awfully hard if they don't have time to clean up or wash uniforms. Their haircuts are both very shaggy - it may look short to you, but as a soldier, that kind of hair is something hippies have. "The difference between a good haircut and a bad haircut is three days" after all.

These guys are so worn out, they don't have time to get their hair cut - and in hot weather, that's not just an appearance thing, it's a comfort and hygiene thing, too.

This picture troubles me.

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