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Pictures of Home

Venice Beach Buildings
Originally uploaded by aghrivaine.
I got a new camera. I guess that's obvious.

Anyway, I was excited to take pictures - so much so that when I parked last night, I hustled off to the beach and completely failed to take any conscious note of where I'd parked. This morning, I was at a loss for where the heck my car was. Obviously I found it. I'm losing it, man. It's all this soft living, I think.

Walking out, there was a noisy convention of seagulls, camped out on the wide shoulder of the beach. They would shift, en masse, from time to time just a few feet in any one direction. I took a quick movie of it here ( ) - apparently I bothered them. It's good to bother seagulls, I think, it keeps them moving. It certainly did in this case.

I got down to the water and took a little video of that too - small waves close to shore. ( ) Totally not surfable, dude. The break at the high-tide mark often masks the sound of the waves if the tide is low and the waves are small - a neap tide is nearly invisible from land. But up close... sure is soothing. I like to take my beach chair and a book down there in an evening after work, and read until it gets too dark. The sun setting over the Malibu hills can be quite pretty. (Or it can be quite vague and fuzzy, as is seen here: )

Turning around, I took a picture of the lights just coming up on Venice Beach. That's what you see to your right, there. Behind the brick building is my little walkup street, and my apartment building. Walking back, I overheard two waifish girls dressed like urban gypsies - tattered goth-y clothing, hoodies pulled up against the evening chill, heavy black eye-liner - looking at a "for rent" sign and trying to figure out how they could come up with enough money to live there.

I told them it's the greatest neighborhood on earth. Meant it, too.

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