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My dream episode of Lost

I used to like Lost because of its story. It was intriguing, the way they managed to ratchet up the mystery and suspense with every episode. Anymore though, it's tiresome. Example: "Here are the answers to the mysteries you seek -- but wait, the answers are themselves enigmatic, only providing even more questions! Ha ha!"


I still watch the show in a desultory fashion - not because the story is any good, but because I like some of the characters. Unfortunatley, the main characters who get most of the attention are dishwater-dull. I just don't care about Sawyer, Jack or Kate at all - there's not a one of 'em with anything interesting to say, and being sooo broody, and sooo sexy, and sooooo misunderstood gets really old, really fast.

But Hurley and Desmond? LOVE those guys. I've taken to calling people "brother" in Desmond's voice, because it's so nuttily charming. And Hurley? Tell me you wouldn't want to pull up a big plate of nachos and play some Xbox 360 with that guy. Dude.

So here, then, is my dream episode of "Lost".

Hurley: Dude.
Desmond: Brother?
Hurley: Dude!
Desmond: Brother!
Hurley: Dude.
Desmond: Brother.

Really, just that for an hour. I'd be delighted. C'mon "Lost" - let's make it happen.

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