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Bring back the bombast!

Wouldn't it be nice, if, at will we could lapse into high-Tolkien cant, or Shakespearian language? As it is, I'm stuck with this whole California-modern "I talk" nonsense, only allowed to talk about how something makes me feel, instead of just calling a cad a cad, a bounder a bounder, and a blackguard a blackguard. Alas, there's no place for bombast in everyday discourse. But if there was -- well, I imagine when I asked out that cute girl for drinks, and was refused onaccounta her having a boyfriend who "would be very upset" - I might have had something like this:

"What care I for the will and preference of one such as he? Disregard him, or know that pleasures undreamt of by all but a fortunate few will pass you by, as the leaf that tumbles down river in a mighty torrent passes the shore - and glimpsing it, wish to be there."

Instead of, as was the actual case, apologizing and then avoiding eye-contact and changing the way I walk around the office so as not to bump into her. Yep, definitely like the bombast, better.

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