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Shilling the Lot, Tolkien

Such a busy weekend - when I got home last night, if someone had said, "Hey Davy, let's go ride on roller-coasters, with monkeys!" I'd have had to take a pass. Sign of a good weekend!

And now to shill for two totally awesome events: first, The Lot (aka The AWful Lot) will be playing at The Good Hurt in Venice. Quite near my apartment, actually. The Lot are founded by crapdaddy and have a cool, cthulhu-punk rock sound. You can check out some of their tracks here. Come out - The Good Hurt is a club where the bartenders and waitresses all dress up like naughty nurses, and administer the medicine you need, you sick fucks. It's at 12249 Venice Blvd. The cross-street is Centinela, they go on somehwere between 9 and 10. See you there!

Then, tomorrow night is the Venice Tolkien Society's meeting. This month we're discussing which of the Fellowship was the biggest hero. Next month will particularly exciting because "The Children of Hurin" will have come out, and certainly be a topic for discussion. The meeting is at 8pm at the King's Head Tavern on 2nd and Santa Monica. Details, and the Meetup group, can be found here. It's free, of course - come out to talk about Tolkien! You don't have to sign up for to come and enjoy the discussion. See you there!

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