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Dear People

Dear People of the World;
Please do not only talk to me when you want something from me. And no, I'm not talking to any one of you in particular, whatever you might think - because there have been dozens of you for quite some time. I have done my best to be as generous as I can to the people around me - sometimes in excess, probably more often not enough. But don't assume that makes me a door-mat. If the only thing I ever hear from you is a request for favors, services, or some other form of you wanting something from me - even if you make a desultory attempt to first appear concerned with how I am and what I'm up to - there will come a time when your account is overdrawn. If you've made frequent and extensive withdrawals, you might consider making some deposits, too - lest your account be closed entirely.

I am not a walking bundle of services and suport for you. I am a human being with my own needs - the meeting of which I am largely self-sufficient- but moreso, of feelings. I don't want to surround myself with baby-birds with open mouths. Baby birds are cute, I admit. But from time to time, I expect you to be my peer, as well, or I'll push you out of the goddamn nest. Capiche?

Your humble servant;

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