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I finally made it out to nerd night for the first time in a couple of months - no rehearsals. By the time some others arrived - and daogre and scottgardner and I had played a few hands of Vs., I got really tired. I mean, not just "gosh, I'm a little tuckered" but really all my energy went whooshing out and I felt farely well like a zombie.

It should have been a warning, but I figured I was just tired ...until I got home and had chills and shakes, too. I collapsed into bed, but couldn't sleep anyway - I was both freezing cold and had hot sweats. The worst was the feverish way my brain was on overdrive. As I dozed off, I had been reading about Kidd vs. Culliford - and proceeded to have an extremely anxious dream about it. Only, I was staging a musical production, and was tryign to figure out how to get a dozen pirates in different color coats off stage while rolling out scenery. Only, for some reason they could only go off stage if like-colored coats went together - like some sort of weird bubble-breaker type thing. The horrible thing about it was - I just couldn't stop thinking about it. My mind was racing, and stuck on this one stressy little thing, over and over and over again for what felt like hours.

I didn't sleep well all night - kept waking up worried about things, sweating, cold. Finally when the alarm went off I just called in to work. I still feel really crappy, and I allegedly have an audition tonight. Ugh.

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