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Begone, you poltroon!

Moods are infectious. The first night of tech-week resulted in a slowly gathering storm of grumpy people - one person would grouse about something, and the person they were bitching too would then complain, also. It spreads - next thing you know, everyone's grumping and working on short nerves.

Working on the theory that the reverse would also work - I enlisted a few other people in my seekrit, nefarious plan. We would be relentlessly, psychotically cheerful. If someone complained, we'd find the upside. If someone was frowning - smiles. If someone was demanding annoying things from us - we'd cheerfully comply.

Well, it seemed like a good idea. Turns out apparently only bad moods are infectious. Mind you this technique worked pretty well in the Army. i resolved to be the one soldier who would bounce out of his rack every morning, cheerful and ready to go - instead of bleary-eyed and bitching like everyone else. My squadmates found this wildly irritating - until I went on leave, when the admitted it had been helpful to have someone a little zippa-dee-doo-dah to get the moving. Not so much last night, though. And then finally the technical director, who has been throwing his weight around as much as possible in a very abrupt, rude way - told me I was being a slacker for not wanting to clear a huge piece of scenery AND make a quick change in about 30 seconds - I snapped, a little. My idea of white hot fury? "Pardon me, sir, I am not." Of course, I said it in a tone of voice that implied I was regretting I didn't have a white glove for the slappin' - but as the guy in question is in a wheelchair, that would have been particularly ungentlemanly.

Why is it that when I get mad, I sound like a 19th Century twit?

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