Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash: Pick Two (aghrivaine) wrote,
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I want to write something particularly eloquent. I like it when I manage to express something well; the entries that I find the most significant or close to the mark often end up being the ones the folks on my friends-list like, too. Or I manage to pose a question that inspires people to answer, and I learn something new.

But today I've got housecat brain. That's what Depression (the disease, not the mood) does to you - inspiration comes and goes. More often goes ... and when it comes, it's more often maudlin than meaningful. But the thing is, the depression comes and goes ... so at least when I greet it at the door, I can know that it's not staying forever - it's just a temporary guest. Rumi says we should welcome every guest at the door, let it in, let it be where its supposed to be. I'm not that evolved, really - not yet, anyway. Oh, hello depression, here you are again. I suppose you can come in, but I do hope you'll keep it brief. I've got things to do, you see ... things to do. But make yourself at home while you're here - you know where things are, by now, I'm sure. But let yourself out, when you're ready, don't wait for me to say goodbye, ok?

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