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Ah, the DMV

Coming home last night, I was again struck by how idyllic life is. My neighbors grow gardenias and night-blooming jasmine, both of which are in flower right now. The smell in the evening is ineffably fine - I imagine for the rest of my life catching a whiff of it will instantly transport me to the walkup street I live on, in view of the ocean with flowers everywhere.

The DMV is an excellent tonic to excessive satisfaction. I finally went and got my California Driver's license, surrendering my last vestige of Pennsylvanian-ness. My phone number, my car, my driver's license, voter's registration - I'm officially a Californian now. I took the test (failed the first time, oh the shame!) and got my picture taken. I waited to get my temporary paper license. And waited. And waited. Finally the DMV employee asked me what I was waiting for. I told him. He said he had already given it to me. I assured him he had not. He printed out a slip of paper that said my license had already been issued. I assured him I didn't have it. He realized he had given it to someone else - (for god's sake, someone named Osama!). I asked him what I could do. He said it was my problem, and I'd have to apply for a duplicate, if the real one didn't show up in the mail. If I wanted a temporary license right now, I'd have to pay the fee again, and get a duplicate immediatley - which would invalidate the permanent license which would be mailed to me, until such time as I brought it in and exchanged it for the duplicate.

Mind you, all I did was stand there. Thanks DMV! Your careless errors cost me money and time!

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