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Scamming the Scammer, step 1

In particular I'm proud of the moniker: SantaMonica Coimmercial Arts Management fund.
I am now trying to get this asshole to try and enter the "film competition" and make a little movie for me.
He sent me a fake message from paypal, claiming to put the funds in escrow - but I logged on to paypal, and of course, there's no such transaction on my account.

Dear Mr. Smith;
I'm afraid I am on the road at the moment - as Jr.Trustee for the Santa Monica Commercial Arts Management fund, I oftenvisit film-festivals world wide to disburse funding of $129,000.00 to$511,000.00 for up-and-coming international film-makers. My assistantis still in the Santa Monica area, and can ship the phone. However, heis not authorized to use our international shipping account.

WhileI am disbursing funding of $129,000.00 to $511,000.00 to non-American directors to promote theinternational film and arts community, I am very busy. It is desirablethen that you a: deposit the funds for the phone directly into myassistant's account, and not use a proxy service. Davy reports to methat paypal has no record of your transaction - could you pleasedeposit the funds directly, instead of using an escrow service? If youdo so, he will have the money required to ship your item to Nigeria. Ifnot, please deposit the funds directly and provide a U.S. address forshipping purposes.

However, in the month ofApril, i will travel to Lagos, Nigeria to judge between severalapplicants to our International Director's Fund of film-making, anddisburse a check of $129,000.00 to $511,000.00. It is possible I could deliver the phone inperson at that date. If you or your son were one of the partiesapplying for the film festival, we could even simply deduct the valueof the phone from your check for $129,000.00 to $511,000.00 at that time.

At this time, please continue to use my assitant's address for correspondence and paypal deposits. (not escrow)

Please advise;
Arthur R. Nemo
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On 2/23/07, Mark Smith <> wrote:
    I have made out my payment to you for this itempurchase ,So check your mail for the new confirmation mail frompaypal.Get back to me immediately you receive the confirmation mailfrom paypal.and i also issue the shipping amount to your paypal accountso i will be glad if you can ship via USPS 3-5 DAYS POSTAL SERVICE tomy son today and get back with the tracking number to me and also emailthe tracking number to ( immediately here is the shipping information...
    ZIP CODE...100001
 so i will be expecting the hear from you ASAP in regards of thetracking of for the item been paid for please remember to email me thetracking number and also to paypal today when you shipped the itemthanks Regards.

Oh boy - alredy a response:

    it seems you have not deal with paypal this month right?your account will not be credited until the shipment tracking number issend to them for shipment verification so as to secure both the buyerand the seller. That is the new rule from paypal this month. You cancontact them for verification and The Paypal confirmation is fromPaypal While  money has been deducted from my account and it will beposted to your account once shipment tracking number is sent to Paypalat (  for verification.So you will have to go ship the package for your money can be posted to your account.

Dear Mr. Smith;
Hello! My name is Davy. I am Mr. Nemo's assistant.

Mr.Nemo is currenlty out of the country, providing checks of of$129,000.00 to$511,000.00 to international film-makers. I have possession of thephone you've bought for your son, and please thank your son for hisservice to his country! There seems to be a spot of difficulty withPayPal - I have checked with them, and due to California state laws,they do not provide escrow services here.

If you will please deposit the $300.00 directly into myaccount, I can ship the item to you in Florida. I do not have access toTrustee Nemo's International shipping account, since he is out of thecountry on behalf of the Santa Monica Commercial Arts Management fund,providing new film makers with $129,000.00 to$511,000.00 to make movies and foster the arts exchange between ourcountries. You could also wait until he arrives in Lagos, Nigeria tofund several Nigerian film-makers in April. We are very much hoping toprovide a Nigerian film-maker with  $129,000.00 to$511,000.00 to make an exciting movie, after they have provided Mr.Nemo with a demonstration of their technical abilities.

Warmest Regards,
Davy Krieger
Assistant Trustee


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