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Just that kind of day...

You have one of those kind of days?

Last night, walking back to my apartment, a black cat crossed my path. This morning, I very nearly walked under a latter. I had a feeilng...

And I was right - called my insurance company to haggle about my (skyhigh) auto insurance rates, and it turns out they had a record of an accident I was never in. After clearing that up, which they did quickly and on the phone - my rates went down by $120.00 a month, and they're sending me a rebate for about $700 since they're going to backdate the correction from the start of my policy. That, and I got a hefty bonus in my paycheck this month for on-call time, plus I'm getting a nice tax refund, and my taxes are done and in the mail.

Yep, I'm having one of those kind of days. The kind where everything just accidentally falls into place far better than you might have hoped. Oh, and it's about 80 degrees here today, and this morning, the sea and sky were exactly the same color. And a geek convention this weekend. And other good stuff, that I don't intend to share with the world.

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