Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash: Pick Two (aghrivaine) wrote,
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Scarlet Pimpernel

I was prepared to do Henry V's Crispin Crispian's Day speech, and sing "Daisy on my toe" by the Smothers Brothers. That, and my stellar resume, I felt sure would do the trick.
In reality, they glanced at me, had me sing Happy Birthday, and told me to sit down, rehearsals were starting in a few minutes. So that's me in "Scarlet Pimpernel" - unnamed ensemble member, of course. I can't read music so the musical rehearsal was something of a challenge, and I haven't sung in public since High School (unless jody calls in the Army count) ...but hey, I get to wear cool costumes and fence on stage!

Performances are in early April. If you're not there, I will kill your pets.

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