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Lemnos IV

Last night I started a campaign of Burning Empires with the Monday night nerd-herd. For the first session, we "burned" a world, creating a very interesting environment - and then the lads made (or mostly made) characters.

The world is interesting to me, and since several of you either play, or have played, Burning Empires, I'm including it here, along with some crazy posters one of the players has already made.

Lemnos IV

Lemnos IV is an outworld on the border of the Karsan League. It was once a vast shipyard and munitions factory before the fall of the Hanrilke Empire. There was a worlds spanning battle that centered on Lemnos IV, and "planet-killer" weapons were deployed, scouring the atmosphere and surface, and leaving the planet an irradiated hulk. Subsequently, the Karsan League has sent assets to reclaim the planet; some of the population were able to survive in the deeply protected weapons caches beneath the surface of the planet. Also, the orbital habitat survived the wars - and decades of atmosphere scrubbing have reclaimed enough of the planet's surface that there are pockets of arable farming land in geographically protected areas. The planet's surface is therefore partial-life supporting, and has naturally rugged and/or broken terrain. Radiation and heat scoured the planet of most of its standing water - what water does make it to the surface boils off again immediately, creating a never-ending cycle of irradiated fog, followed by poison rain that creates flash-floods and toxic mudslides. The planet's surface is predominantly land mass.

The isolated pockets of munitions factories, and those factories and orbital dockyards that exist - continue to create a low-index technological world, on which Military goods are the primary export, and loosely regulated economic goods such as livestock and weaponry are taxed protectively. Slavery is outright forbidden, and the world has put a special emphasis on recycling what few natural resources remain, meaning that waste-disposal is heavily regulated -indeed, Lemnos IV has a significant garrison of Recycops that police the careful use of resources.

Lemnos IV is governed by an Imperial stewardship - a Forged Lord name Sigan Ulger is the governor and military dictator of the planet. There is also an Imperial Lady Steward, Lady Imogen Prosey, who believes that the Karsan League would be best served by governmental power being handed over to a civillian appointee, such as herself -rather than a military governor. For now, government remains in the hands of the Forged Lord, not least because imminent Vaylen threat has provoked careful preparation against Vaylen invasion; something soft core-worlders simply don't understand or take seriously. The Forged Lord's military is comprised of Lords-Pilot, most of whom are hereditary nobles and residents of the planet for many generations -though some are new arrivals sent by the Karsan League to assist Lord Ulger. The population is well-educated about the Vaylen threat, and is thus informed about key facts pertaining to the nature of the worms.

Lemnos IV maintains a basic quarantine, keeping careful track mostly of military goods. The other factions with a hand in the future of Lemnos IV are; a Civillian Commune comprised of workers in the munitions factories and spaceyards, organized as an economic bloc for collective bargaining; an Imperial Bureacracy at odds with the Lords-Pilot and the military dictatorship - the Lords-Pilot themselves, forming a powerful political entity, a vast black market and underworld, a large Kernn community - the Kernn are particularly valued as technicians and workers planet-side due to their robust resistance to radiation, in many cases they are the only workers that can man otherwise unuseable facilities, and a branch of the Psychologist Foundation - who have aims and means that are mysterious to the rest ofthe planet.

Key figures of note on the planet are Lord Ulger, the Forged Lord - a determined warrior who will not let his planet fall to the Vaylen after he's worked so hard to reclaim it from the rad-wastes, Rauv DiCostas, the Psychologist Speaker, who seems ominpresent, but few understand his motives - and Hehzma, the Sheeff of the Kernn Diazperah ghetto, planetside. Hehzma is cunning and tough, and is driven first by protectiveness for his people, and second by his hatred for the worm. Also, there is The Jack of Spades, the anonymous leader of the Underworld - a ruthless figure who is unprincipled but dependable, as long as his rampant smuggling operations are not interfered with; First Citizen Aubrey - a charismatic speaker in the Commune, who dismisses Imperial efforts against the Vaylen as fear-mongering meant to cow theworkers and keep them repressed, and Lady Imogen Prosey, the Imperial Steward who is the head of the Karsan Imperial delegation - and resents the primacy of the Lords-Pilot.

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Citizens of Lemnos IV, know your enemy! (by Ben Avery)</td> </tr> <tr> <td></td> <td>
done by Ben Avery</td> </tr> </tbody></table>

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