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World War Z

I'm nearly finished reading the book. It's surprisingly well done. Brooks does a great job of making the zombie appocalypse a world-wide horror that is oddly believable. His vision of how it would play it is appropriately cynical, in that it's people's own flaws that spread the plague the worst, and leave the rest least able to combat it. There's the occaisional moment when it's obvious he's American - putting an American's conception of what another people's culture is, rather than a genuine look through a different pair of eyes. But it's subtle and entirely forgiveable - it's odd to say, but this is a book about zombies that's actually moving.

Naturally I compared the "Redeker Plan" detailed in the book, and the eventual actions taken to win the war against Zed with the requirements of our own Zombie Protocols. There are truly weird details that Brooks and my own Zombie Ton-tin came up with independently that exactly match - the ideal zombie-fighting vehicle is, according to us both - a zeppelin. The ideal anti-zombie house is up on 20 foot stilts, with retractable stairs.

But most of all, it's left me feeling kind of sad. I wanted to jump up and talk this over with the only person I know who's actually been in a zombie movie - and she is gone. I miss Star. I want to talk to her about World War Z, and find out what her plans for the inevitable Zombie Appocalypse are. I wish she were here.

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