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I'm exhausted. Since Thursday the 5th, I've been on the go - a week in Vegas at CES, and then hurry back to entertain The Hobbit and show him "my" LA.

I organized and cooked for a dinner party, went out and about in Venice, Hollywood, Santa Monica - ran the larp, engaged in wretched excess at Trader Vic's (only get booted because the Golden Globes were filming in the same hotel, and they wanted to use the bar) hung out at the drum circle, went to the Getty, toured the beaches and canyons; and above all, ate, ate, ate. Truth be told, a fair bit of drinking went along with that. My tour of LA is basically a tour on the stomach.

I hope to catch up soon; on recording some of this, posting pictures, and sleeping - of which I've done precious little. Most of all, my austerity program starts tomorrow - I need to scale back on basically anything that tastes or feels good!

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