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One million demented technology gnomes have descended on the Los  Vegas Convention Center. Even now they are feverishly knocking up countless lofty temples to tech. Gleaming, pulsing ziggurats of geekery that compete with each other for flash, splash and above all, noise. There's audio, video, networking, telecom, recording, displaying, archiving, blaring, daring and sharing -- all for glorious data in any form. If you want to catch it, move it, display it, download it, transfer it or send it along - you can find it here.

Walking around looking at the gnomes furiously constructing their shrines, grottos, booths, eyries, fortresses and kiosks, I was simply astonished. Not just the ingenuity of design of the multitude of gadgets, but also at the industry that fills such a vast space with working people from every discipline; carpenters, decorators, electricians, network specialists, security, sales, flirters, painters, metalworkers, carpet layers, fabric drapers, audio engineers, video engineers, custodians, laborers, bearers, cooks, waiters, drivers, coordinators, managers, union stewards, and above all - geeks. Here is the King of Nerd on earth, made real. Here, all these people labor and strive for one thing - to blow our minds, us geeks.

It's working.

I'm taking pictures, I'll post them in flick'r sets presently; one for construction, one for displays, and one for booth babes.

This is the 21st Century, and this is where if you want to see how the new millenium will invade your home - you'll get your forecast. If it flashes, beeps, powers up, blinks, bloops or blares - it's here.
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