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Well, that's done with

In a word, tumultuous. At the start of the year, life was placid but hard. At the end of the year, it's chaotic but easy. I had an extraordinarily good run of luck professionally and creatively. I've made some excellent new friends, and cemented some existing friendships. I've got the best job I've ever had, which generally keeps getting better. I also plunged through, around, into, and about a bad depression - and emerged on the other side ...changed. Wiser, stronger, but also more wary. My love life in 2006 was stormy, to say the very least... something my dreams didn't fail to remind me last night, the last night of dreams for the year.

And there were tragedies. The loss of loved ones, unfairly cut down in their prime. I've watched good friends have collossal runs of bad luck and misfortune, and been powerless to do much to help. I've tried my best to be generous and supportive - if for no other reason than I relied so heavily on that same support when I most needed it.

I have been my very happiest this past year, and also my most downcast. Fortunately, the bad stuff is all going to be left behind with the calendar year, while the good stuff all persists, and hopefully flourishes.

It was a hell of a ride.

In all, I'll take that over bored. But only just barely.

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