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Bah, Humbug

I wear my heart on my sleeve.

It's a blessing and a curse - mostly a curse. Part of the curse is that I'm a sucker for sentimental or nostalgaic tv shows or movies. Heck, even long-distance phone commercials get me all misty, if I'm already feeling a little sensitive. And when aren't I, I ask you?

This makes the Christmas season miserable. Every tv show does the Christmas episode where lost or lonely people experience a Christmas miracle, and end up beaming with the Christmas spirit. But what exactly is the Christmas spirit? Faux generosity - because every gift given is always in the hope of a return? Familial closeness - despite neglect or abuse or apathy? What? And even if such a Christmas spirit exists in something other than a banal commercial appeal to consume, consume, consume - these damn shows are deadly if you're *actually* alone on Christmas day. Because there are no Christmas miracles - if you wake up alone and brooding on Christmas day, you're going to go to bed alone and brooding on Christmas day, too...but thanks to a zillion Christmas specials, not only is that miserable in and of itself - but it's also like being cheated, since everyone else who's sitting alone and brooding seems to have some karmic run-in with a long lost family member, needy urchin who teaches the meaning of generosity, hot and sexy traveller far from home and open to love, estranged friend looking to reconcile, or even a nutty circle of kooks who embark on madcap shenanigans to celebrate Christmas Day.

Just like not getting presents on Christmas is made worse by the universal expectation that it will happen - actually being lonely on Christmas day is even worse becuase of the universal expectation that some magical thing will happen to make it okay.

Bah. Humbug.

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