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Not Possible

sarcasmoscorner, or Star Foster to her friends, is ...was... one of the most unique, vibrant, interesting people I've ever met. I just found out she died this morning, which is inconceivable. Not an accident, but a pulmonary embollism. Out of nowhere.

It doesn't seem real or true - and in no world is it fair. Star was an inspiration - she was always, always, always over the horizon discovering something new. I've never met someone who could walk across Philly in zombie makeup one night to shoot a low-budge movie, and the next be at a ballroom dancing recital - and the next singing her heart out at a piano-bar karaoke. Star was like a cross between a real, true lady from a Jane Austen novel, and a crazy, swinging partier from the go-go 70's. She was everywhere, and into everything - whip smart, keenly observant, and with a kind and caring heart. No matter how generous or compassionate she was, though - she never lost her trenchant humor.

It is utterly and entirely unfair that she should have died. There wasn't enough world to keep Star occupied for long - but for sure, the world is a poorer place, a shabbier place, a less interesting place, without her. And also a place that makes far less sense.

Star, you are missed. You will be missed. You were in every way, worthy of your name.

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