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Total Collapse

Okay, John Kerry said some dumb stuff, giving Republicans in a dreadful backslide something other than Iraq and Foley to talk about. They sure tried to spin out of the news cycles until the election on Tuesday.

And then one of the most prominent evangelical political (and naturally conservative Republican) activists in the world turns out to be a gay, prostitute-hiring meth-head.

And then one of the most prominent Republican congressman pleads guilty to corruption and resigns his office.

And then the Neoconservatives - architects, for good or for ill, of the war in Iraq - publically criticise Republican handling of the war.

And THEN - The Army Times (not exactly a bastion of liberal politics) calls for the resignation of Donald Rumsfeld!

This is a fucking massacre. In the face of all this, if there's not a massive Democratic majority after Tuesday - either this nation is doomed, doomed, doomed - or Diebold has become the new kingmaker of America, and there will never be another Democrat in office without first paying off the Praetorian Guard electoral fraud brokers voting machine manufacturers.

In my life, I can't recall a more crucial election. My prediction? Osama bin Laden gets caught some time before Tuesday.

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