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What happened to my country?

Today, a bill has passed the House and is expected to be passed by the Senate that will authorize torture, suspend the Geneva Convention, and eliminate Habeus Corpus - the most fundamental civil right that has been a cornerstone of the rule of law since the signing of the Magna Carta. Rather than being a shameful epioside in American legislature - a bill passed furtively in late-night sessions and never spoken of to the press - this has become a focus point of the coming election. Republicans are running on the platform that they are for torture, and against the rule of law - and America is falling for it.

What happened to my America? What happened to the country that went to war reluctantly, and always with nobility and decency? What happened to the country that above all guaranteed baisc freedoms and upheld the rule of law? What happened to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness"? I am confounded by the incredible turn of events that has lead to this pass - when small-minded corrupt politicians bray about the triumph of torture, the death of one of the most fundamental rights in Western civilization, and use that very same shit-stained brush to smear their counterparts who are trying to preserve America as the nation I served, fought for - was willing to die for, if necessary?

This is too much. If you're not involved with local elections, get involved. These rascals have to be run out of office - or the fundamental identity of America as based on the values on which it was founded is imperiled. Whatever it takes, friends - don't be complacent, don't content yourself to just vote! Spend your time, spend your money - give of yourself to preserve what was once the noblest nation on earth, and may yet be again. I am ashamed of this law, and can only pray that the cooler heads in the Senate will strike it down - it is the very opposite of what I believe my country stands for. It is not terrorists who need to fear this law - it's American citizens who want to live in a country that stands for actual freedom, legitimate rule of law, rather than rule of the majority - and most importantly, a nation which does not condone, legalize, endorse, or practice torture. We are not a nation of torturers! We are not a nation of secret cells from which there is no escape, no process, and no accountability! There will be no gulags in America, no torture rooms, no camps and black hoods - not here, not where I live, not in my country, my America.

Please don't make me do this alone.

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