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Zombie Genoicde

I committed genocide, and I liked it.

I've been playing Dead Rising on the X-Box 360, and to tell the truth, not having much luck with it. I read the online cheat sheet at, but even so, found it very hard. It's an amazingly well done game - the graphics are superb, game-play is exciting and tight, and the real standout for me is the sound effects - every splatter, thunk, chunk, chomp and groan is "dead on". (har har) The premise of the game is that you, an intrepid photojournalist, are stuck in the Willamette Park View Mall in the middle of an outbreak of zombies. Everything in the environment is usable against zombies - though obviously you'll have better luck with the shotgun at the gun store than you will with say - the gigantic lipstick display from the ladies cosmetic store. More luck, sure - but more fun?

However, the game suffers from one fatal flaw - it's freakin' hard. There's a time limit on every "scoop" that you're given, and there are certain scoops that if you fail, effectively end the game - only you have no way to back up other than start a whole new game. You can only save one file at a time - and save points are few and far's quite easy to find yourself in a position where you simply can't progress any further. Which I did. It's hard to acquire effective weapons, because they last a very limited time ... so all in all, the game can be very frustrating. There are, however, certain unlockables you can get by accomplishing various deeds - and some of those unlockables are very useful. One of them is the "MegaMan Blaster" - a nod from one of Capcom's other big hit franchises. But to get the MegaMan Blaster, you have to kill 53,594 zombies in 72 "hours" (game hours are collapsed). This seems an impossible task. And an oddly specific number, no? well, at the beginning of the game, the population of Willamette, Colarado (curiously also the location for David Brin's post-apocalyptic novel, "The Postman") is exactly 53,594. So yeah, to get the "zombie genocide" achievement, you have to depopulate the entire town.

It turns out to be not all that hard - there's a garage with a running car. You hop in the car and drive down into the maintenance tunnels, where zombies cluster in the hundreds. Run them over. When the car breaks, hop out, get a new one - repeat. There's a hilarious video of this at youtube - though my experriments show that there's an even more efficient way to go about it. There's no need to drive down to get that white car - just drive back and forth in front of where the truck is to force the zombies to respawn. Then when the convertible breaks, hop in the truck and do the same - but make sure to drive back out to the parking lot before the truck breaks. Getting stuck amidst a thousand zombies with no way out is basically bad news. When you exit the maintenance tunnels, the convertible will have respawned, and when you re-enter, the truck will have, too. In this fashion i was able to kill all 53k+ zombies in short order.

Genocide is fun for the whole family!

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