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Remember, Remember

There's no possibility that any of us have forgotten what today, September 11th marks.

The attacks are mentioned daily, how could we forget? How could we forget that 'everything changed' on 9/11? How could we forget that the world is a dangerous place, that people hate us for our freedoms, and that we should be afraid?

What we might have forgotten, though, is the actual people who were working, living, going about their lives on that day - and died for it. Not for anything grand or soaring or ideal - but because that's where they happened to be. They didn't stand for anything, they didn't represent any ideology, they didn't necessarily hate or love anyone in particular regardless of their race, color, creed, gender, politics or orientation. They just showed up to work like I did this morning, and you probably did too. Later, other people threw themselves into danger for the sake not of the flag, or their country, or their party - but to help those people who were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Most of them died - and made a sacrifice that dwarfs the hateful sacrifice of the men that struck at them.

In their place, I believe I would want to be remembered as an indivual, and not as a symbol. I would want my life remembered, rather than my death mythologized to either promote or condemn a political agenda.

Today, I'll try and remember those people. Today, I will try and remember what happend to them, and not to us.

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