Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash: Pick Two (aghrivaine) wrote,
Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash: Pick Two


I want to go back to Los Angeles.

For one thing, the absurd heat-wave that was plaguing California has followed me across the country. Literally. The same glowering, oppressive hulk of hot-air that was baking the valley at 113 degrees has now arrived in the New York area. It's predicted to be over a hundred today, and massive blackouts are feared. I don't know why weather follows me from coast-to-coast, but it sure seems to - when I moved to LA, the rain I left behind in Philly arrived the same day I did, and didn't stop for three weeks straight - setting rainfall records for LA's entire recorded history. Now, the hot, she follows me.

But the thing that's really bugging me is my cat. I left her behind with a pledge by the roomies (who are very reliable about such things) to make sure she has food and water. That's about all she needs, so I figured it would be okay. Only ... she hasn't been seen in a couple of days, and her food isn't disappearing. I've been gone for over a week, so the hidey-ness I'm not surprised by, she gets moody when she feels abandoned. (Or perhaps, I project?) But.. the not eating? Now I worry that she's wandered outside somewhere, or gotten trapped in a room or closet when no one knew she was in there. This happens all the time - I've shut her in drawers for a day, trapped her in a closet, and closed her into my room when I left, never realizing that the mega-sneaky ninja-cat was somewhere in the vicinity. And since even when she's out in common areas, she can disappear for a day at a time, it's easy to not look for her too hard, because she could be anywhere. But now I'm worried. This is my cat. This cat has escaped a burning building wtih me, she's crossed the country with me - she's the only female that's never abandoned me - and now she's missing.

I feel ridiculous for wanting to fly home to check on my cat, but there it is. If it was a choice between my job and my cat, I'd pick the cat. Mind you, I'm not a CATS person, I'm a CAT person. Just the one. The others I can take or leave. I hope she's okay.

Edit: Cat is fine - reappeared last night, ate lots of food and commenced hissing at the dog.

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