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At Angel's of Anaheim stadium

At Angel's of Anaheim stadium
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The other night I went to see the Angels play the Cleveland Indians at Anaheim with cacofunny. We had seats way up in the topmost tier, but even so it was a great scene. The whole field was easily visible, the big screen was directly across from us, and the ball park hot dogs were plentiful. It was also bobble-head night - which is a shame because apparently the previous night was tuba night, and I can only imagine that home runs on tuba night are really something to see. Apparently they've discontinued pipe-organ night, though. Shame.

It was also a gorgeous night - the summer sun was just shaded by high, wispy clouds, and there was a cool breeze most of the evening. I forgot how really pleasant it is to go to a game at the ballpark - and the modern, smaller parks are even more fun than the Phillies at the gigantic Veteran's stadium of my youth. There was this really peculiar smell that kept troubling us like a noisome cloud after about the 4th inning or so.

Gary and I found that we have amazing powers to bend reality - we would issue high-handed instructions to the players on the vote, motion for carrying - second, vote, and carry the motion. In each case the players complied, even to the point of smacking home a two-run homer at one point. We pledged only to use our powers for good, and never for evil.

All in all it was a really cool experience, and I've got to get back out to the park again sometime soon. Or maybe I'll try and catch a Dodger's game at Dodger's stadium. Anyway. Baseball good. Though, I'm left pondering this - how come more people sang along with "Take Me Out To the Ballgame" than the national anthem?

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