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Rassafrassa car

So, payroll woes are allegedly straightened out - with rumors of a check cut to make up the 108.7 hours difference between what I worked and what I've been paid. So that's good news.

Also, the insurance company agreed to pay for the damages (less deductible) on the car. However, the total amount they're covering is substantially less than what the dealership wants - which may or may not be the same number that they're quoting me. Both sides are pointing the finger at each other, with the dealership saying, "If you want it done cheaper, take it to a body shop, but that will invalidate your warranty." and the insurance company saying, "The dealership is asking for an unreasonable sum."

While they're pointing their fingers at each other, I'm in the middle stewing like a tomato - because it's seeming less and less possible that I'm going to get the car that I had for all of an hour back within anything like two weeks. Which makes me bunnystomping mad. Like, belltower mad.

I really wish I hadn't bought this damn car. What the hell kind of piece of crap takes such a huge amount of damage from such a low-speed collision, and why are the dealers such tools about only ordering parts once a week, no matter what? I am so mad, you could de-atomize me, and you'd fine "I hate Honda" written on all the molecules of my body. What a mistake to buy this car, and what a mistake to buy from this dishonest, lazy, don't-give-a-shit dealer. By all means, I encourage everyone to never, ever, ever buy from a Miller dealership. They just want your money, and as much as they can get of it without giving anything in return.


Jul. 13th, 2006 02:23 am (UTC)
Yeah. What she said. I was thinking exactly the same thing.


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