Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash: Pick Two (aghrivaine) wrote,
Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash: Pick Two

Magical Underpants and the Kindness of Distant Friends

I have magical underpants.

It's true. A friend gave them to me for my birthday years ago (they're getting a bit old) - blue boxers with "Hogwarts" and the Hogwart's crest on them. And they have magical powers, they're not just magical because of the Hogwarts angle. (please refrain from making jokes about the Hogwarts angle in my shorts.) If I am expecting a delivery, and I wear the magical underpants, the delivery will arrive that day. Further, if it's even a day or two early, I swear, it almost never fails - the package will arrive, as long as I am wearing the magical underpants. They've failed me only once or twice.

So yesterday, I was wearing my magical underpants. When I got home after work, I had intended to grab my swimsuit and go to the gym to just soak away some of my aikidohurt, but there was not one, not two - but three packages waiting for me. Two of them were a pair of bookshelves I'd ordered Monday, that arrived far, far earlier than I expected - they'd told me sometime next week! The other was a gift from beautesansbete, who in an act of extreme loveliness, sent me two boxes of honest-to-gosh Philadelphia-style lembas. I'm talking buttermotherfuckingscotch krimpets here, people - tastymotherfuckingkakes!

With relish, I dove in. But one does not scarf down lembas. So, I had a little taste of home, and then started knocking together the shelves. As is traditional with me and flat-packed furniture, I utterly failed to comprehend the illustration that explained the construction process, andput together the first one completely wrong. I had to completely take it apart and start over again - so in effect, I put together two bookshelves three times. However, they are now complete and despite my aching shoulder, I lugged the remainder of my books into my room and finally have all of them together in relatively complete form. A room full of books is a good start to having a warm and inviting room.

A room full of books along with buttermotherfuckingscotch krimpets? Almost perfect.

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