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More Interviews!

Today from the lovely and talented in_this_guise and the equally lovely and equally talented glamour_junkie

first, in_this_guise

1. If you could transplant one thing, place, or person from Philly to LA, what/whom would you choose and why?
My old Tuesday night gaming group. I miss those guys more than just about anything.

2.Sometimes I wonder how we managed to wind up friendly when we pissedeach other off so much. Why do you think we made it to this point?
Well, I don't remember you pissing me off - so ... if I pissed you off, it seems likely that we're still friends because you're a patient and and forgiving person. I'm sure that I've grown up a lot since the "good ol'" days - and so maybe that has something to do with it too. I'm much more ready to admit that I'm wrong, and much more concerned with other people's feelings than I used to be. I'm still too sarcastic by half, but hey - I'm a work-in-progress. So apparently you either picked up on some of that, or were always more inclined to see my good qualities. (Wherever they may be hiding.)

3. If you could be magically endowed with one talent you do not currently posess, what would it be?
Musical talent. Specifically, really excellent piano-playing skills. I'm always wistful and a little jealous when someone sits down at a piano and just improvises on a song, and sings along, and makes it seem so effortless. I'd love to have that talent.

4. What turns a good sexual experience into an amazing one?
Deep and abiding love. I know that sounds schmaltzy and facile, but I mean it. Sex can be uninhibited, wild and really great between two people that are hot for each other, and not much else. But to really get you where you live, there has to be love.

5. Pirates or Monkeys?
Damn you, woman, and your insolubale dilemmas!
What about monkey-pirates? Pirate-monkeys? Can't I combine the two and keep both? Aaargh.
Okay. Monkeys. Nothing has happened recently to spoil them for me.

Now on to glamour_junkie's questions:

1. If you could go back earlier in life and become an expert on asubject, Ph.D., virtuoso, etc. in anything, what would it be and why?
Well, Trish asked a similar question above, but yours is a bit broader in scope. I'm tempted to say something silly, like I could be an expert in something that is impossible or as yet unknown. But I think the spirit of your question is - knowing what I know now, what I would go back and apply myself to? That being the case, I think I would be an architect. Architecture is beautiful in a lot of ways - one takes nothing, and creates an enduring structure that not only fulfills an aesthetic need, but a pragmatic one as well. People use it, live in it, work in it, exist in it. It combines the disciplines of engineering and sculpture - a sense of how light works, material science, and cultural awareness. There are times when I think that architecture is the pinnacle of human art and design. So yeah, that's what I'd like to be when I grow up, if I could go back and do it over again.

2. If HAD to have your greatest vice classified into one of the "7 Deadly Sins", which one would it be?
Probably sloth. I don't do nearly enough, and I've ended up thoroughly mediocre as a result.

3. Tell me about one recurring dream you have, or something you dream regularly about.
I've had, for most of my life, a recurring dream that I am the son of Superman and Lois Lane. Since I'm only half-kryptonian, my powers only work half the time, but it's completely unpredictable. So I'll throw myself into the air to fly, and maybe fall on my face. And when I do, maybe it hurts, or maybe the invulnerability works. It's cool when it works, but frustrating, too. This is a dream that's all about not living up to potential, by the way -- about having abilities that I can't or won't utilize because I'm afraid it won't work and then I'll know.

4. If you woke up tomorrow morning and the world was taken over by zombies, what's your plan of action?
I have a very detailed plan of action. Unfortunately, I took an oath of secrecy with other members of my Zombie Apocalypse Tontin (you know who you are!) not to reveal the secrets of our plan, or the identities of any other member of the Zombie Apocalypse Tontin.

5. Am I a good kisser? (just messin') Hell yeah!
5b.If you could choose one romantic scene or couple from a movie torepresent the epitome of your IDEAL relationship/mate/start of arelationship, what movie/scene/characters?
Man, this is tough. Because more than once I've said my life is like a John Cusack movie, only without the happy ending. And he specializes in the lovelorn slacker archetype. So I don't really want to call that "ideal" per se - it's more like relevant than ideal. Okay, I'll sort of answer this question, and provide a little insight into my character in the process. When I was quite young, 6th Grade, so I was what ... 10? I read "The Song of Roland" that was in my school's library. (as an aside, the only other person who had checked it out in the last ten years was a girl in the special ed class... I'm not sure what that means, but I suspect it's significant of something...) Anyway, in Roland's tale, he spies from far off a woman from Cathay, captive in a tower. Or at least, he believes she's captive, though that turns out not to be so clear - anyway, this is almost the Platonic ideal of chivalrous love, because he decides there and then that she is the only woman in the world he will ever love. He spends his life searching for her - always true to her, this mysterious and ideal Lady. I decided early on that's the way it ought to be - that I ought fall in love just once with a perfect Lady and love her always, and no matter what. Unfortunately, in the really real world, that's a ridiculous ideal that will not lead to a happy life or romantic relationship. But it's still there, lurking in my psyche as an ideal, something to aspire to. You, reading this, might think that's very sweet and dashing. Let me assure you, you only think that because I have not put you on a pedestal, and made of you an unattainable ideal. Because how can you have a practical, intimate, loving, honest, open relationship with an unattainable ideal? You can't - that's why she has to be in a tower somewhere, so you can quest for her, and tell yourself all along that your loneliness, your unrequited love is noble and good - rather than just pathetic.

6. Bonus Question:Name ONE word you constantly either: have a mental block againstspelling correctly, have trouble remembering the exact definition of,or have the "tip-of-the-tounge, can't remember the word" issue with?
(I find that a great question for writers in particular.)

Brittingham's Irish Pub.
For some reason, "Brittingham's" is just not a name I can remember. I've come up with mnemonic devices to remember it, I've repeated it to myself - but every time, it squirts away from me like soap in a bathtub. Usually I have to google it or something. Don't know why, it just evades me.

Well, like a lot of you, this meme has kicked my ass - it's been a much bigger project than I expected. It's been interesting though, and I've even pieced together a few things about myself that were lurking at the edges before. Still, this has been a tough one. I've still got a few questions to go, too -- and questions to make up for several of you.

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